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New UFI research highlights “Best Practices in Sustainability”

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PARIS – UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry has released its “Best Practices in Sustainability” report, which showcases the winning and shortlisted entries for the sustainability awards UFI has run since 2012.

The report compiles 41 cases from 19 countries and covers six themes: strategy, reporting, environmental initiatives, measurement tools, innovative cost-saving in the value chain and actions to engage participants.

The report was made possible with financial support from UBM plc, and editing support from GreenView.

Mark Peters, UBM plc Group Company Secretary, declared: “Sustainability is one of the central tenets of who we are. To promote long term profitability, UBM aims to be a leader in sustainable business, aligning key business decisions with our sustainability strategy. This strategy has five areas of focus (people, communities, environment, customers and governance) and, aided by the work of our Sustainability Leadership Group, we are focused on achieving our long-term sustainability goals. We are delighted to sponsor UFI’s sustainability report, promoting the “best practices in sustainability”. Through this, we hope to foster education, influence and encouragement across the exhibition industry, promoting the benefits of a collective approach to achieving a sustainable future.”

Kai Hattendorf, UFI Managing Director, said: “Our different award programmes are key to identifying best practices. Sustainability is an important issue for the exhibition industry and we believe that this compilation will assist many companies when they develop their actions in this area. We thank UBM and Greenview, who have made this report possible.”

In line with UFI’s objective to provide vital data and best practices to the whole exhibition industry, the UFI report on Best Practices in Sustainability is available free of charge at www.ufi.org/susdev, where anyone can view the detailed entries, as well as our full range of activities in the field of sustainable development.

Launch of the 2017 award
UFI is also pleased to announce the theme of the 2017 UFI Sustainable Development Award competition: “Best destination approach to implementing sustainability: how can the exhibition industry and a country, region or city work together to facilitate sustainable development?”

Open to all companies in the exhibition industry, the 2017 award is designed to recognise initiatives that combine the efforts of a destination (city, region or country level) in partnership with a professional exhibition operator (venue and/or organiser) to implement sustainability around an individual exhibition or a series of events.

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