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IEM launches think-tank survey on professional recognition

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The Institute of Event Management is undertaking the most comprehensive-ever online survey into the state of professional qualification and recognition systems operating across all sectors of the UK events sector.

It aims to support the work being undertaken by Dr Caroline Jackson, Business Visits and Events Partnership Vice-Chair, on the subject of “professionalization” in event management, to inform the Institute’s Executive Board on individual interests for professional recognition and continuing professional development, to aid the IEM’s work plan, and to capture the views of everyone who has to organise events for business, professional or social reasons: everything from conventions, exhibitions, government events and product launches to association events, corporate hospitality, festivals and incentives.

“The UK has a golden opportunity to lead the world in this sector,” said the IEM’s Executive Board Chair, Susan Spibey. “The Institute will legitimise the role of event management, transform the perception of “what is an event”, provide professional recognition and continuing professional development for everyone involved in this fast-moving sector.”

We aim to create a body of knowledge signposting to all available resources and to support Government in its universally declared quest to bring all manner of events to the UK.”

Susan Spibey, who is also EFAPCO’s Adviser on Professional Standards, has finalised the structure for  the IEM and hopes it might well provide the blueprint for similar organisations in other Federation member countries.

British government support for the IEM is complemented by involvement from chartered bodies for Leadership and Management, Marketing, Personnel Development, Public Relations, Procurement and Health & Safety. It’s a two-way relationship because all these bodies have event management teams so the IEM will be perfectly placed to support those bodies’ own members.

“There are over 110,000 members of the Event Group on LinkedIn and more than 5,000 graduates annually from Britain’s 50-plus universities, plus graduates from other countries who are the most likely “customers” for recognition and Continuing Professional Development,” she added “The audience also includes more than 3,000 UK Associations, Professional Bodies, 6,000 International Societies and 20,000 Royal Society of Arts Fellows who organise “events”.

“I hope EFAPCO member countries will explore what we have achieved and then help the Federation to gain an increasingly vocal and influential presence across our pan-European industry,” she said.

Up-to-date survey results will be given at a meeting of the BVEP with IEM and other professional bodies in London on October 28.

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