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The HotelTect Solution has been developed with the aim to improve internal communication within hotels and hotel chains and in so doing to address common challenges hotel managers face, namely bureaucracy, lack of communication as well as issues of business integrity and continuity due to increased turnover rates. It is a suite of business tools that support management procedures, such as the management of hygiene and security procedures, employee onboarding and human resource training and development, internal communication and collaboration and quality and innovation management. 

The HotelTect Solution is suitable for hotel chains, small or large hotel units and hoteliers associations. Already forward thinking hotel chains and many individual hotels ranging from large units to small and medium seasonal hotels have adopted it to enhance their business processes. The user-friendly interface resembles Facebook and responsive design protocols make it usable from any smart device. The platform is very flexible, in that all menus and functions can be customized according to the unique and specific needs of every organization. 

Some concrete illustrations as used by hotel managers include:

– Top management communicates news and memos to various departments, while team members also collaborate more effectively within and across departments. 

– Information about all scheduled events (e.g. conferences, weddings etc.) accompanied by the associated details (e.g. menus, timing, staff responsible etc.) is shared with the relevant departments and appears on a dynamic calendar. 

– Useful files, such as hygiene and security protocols/forms, manuals and training material are shared with relevant departments.

– Directories with suppliers and business partners can be created, along with the support for evaluation and quality non-conformities reporting. 

– Standard procedures, such as the reporting of repairs/maintenance issues, request approvals and any type of control and quality checklists can be automated.

– Another strategic tool is the advanced HR Portal that supports functions like the creation of ‘social’ CV databases, employee onboarding and evaluation, as well as the management of training and development schemes.



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