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CEIR releases two new reports in 2016 changing environment of exhibitions study

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DALLAS – The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) released today two more reports from its newest series, 2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions. This study consists of 10 fact sheets articulating the power of exhibitions from the perspective of exhibitors, including its most recent: Exhibitions Valued for Marketing to Hard-to-Reach Industry Sectors and Professionals and Factors that Drive the Decision to Exhibit.

“The next two fact sheets continue to tell the story of the power of face-to-face marketing at exhibitions,” said CEIR President and CEO Brian Casey, CEM. “In today’s experiential marketing world, face-to-face marketing using the business-to-business exhibition channel is hard to beat when it comes to achieving multiple marketing and sales objectives goals.”

Exhibitions Valued for Marketing to Hard-to-Reach Industry Sectors and Professionals shows that roughly half of exhibiting companies face the major task of extensive marketing efforts to reach their target industry sectors or professionals. This report also reveals that companies with these challenges find business-to-business exhibitions highly valuable in helping them market to these audiences.

Factors that Drive the Decision to Exhibit reveals exhibitors are savvy and discriminating. They scrutinize different factors when determining whether to exhibit /expand participation or reduce/leave an event. Study findings suggest factors considered are essentially the same for either decision. An event’s ability to deliver stellar performance on these top-ranked factors helps assure its stability and growth potential.

“The second fact sheet is a reminder to organizers that their success is not guaranteed,” noted EDPA Executive Director Jeff Provost. “Business-to-business exhibition organizers need to assure that each edition of their event delivers the specific value exhibitors are seeking. Keeping close to one’s exhibitor base and evolving an event to their needs helps assure the stability and growth of an event. This fact sheet helps point organizers to where these efforts are best placed to achieve this.”

The 2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions study dives into the minds of executives who are involved in the decision to exhibit at business-to-business exhibitions, as well as other promotional and advertising decisions for their company. It documents the use of business-to-business exhibitions today, the level of participation now compared to several years ago as well as executives’ plans to exhibit looking out to the next several years.

CEIR would like to thank its supporting sponsors of the 2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions study: the Exhibit Designers + Producers Association (EDPA), Group Delphi and Sho-Link.

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