A new British Airways Dreamliner on flights to Domodedovo Airport

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On November 1, 2016 Moscow Domodedovo Airport met a new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner of British Airways operated its first flight on the route London (Heathrow) – Moscow (Domodedovo). 

A new product introduced by the national carrier of Great Britain will make travel from Russia to Foggy Albion capital more comfortable. Its technologic perfection allows the highest service on board thereby passengers will definitely enjoy their flight and the effect of jet-lag will be reduced. An integrated LED mood lighting system of Dreamliner 787-9 reflects daylight and night time brightness and helps customers’ bodies adjust to different time-zones. With lower cabin air pressure than traditional aircraft, customers will notice an increased amount of oxygen and moisture in the cabin air, helping to reduce the flight weariness.

British Airways operates three daily flights on the route Moscow (Domodedovo) – London (Heathrow), so travelers are available to choose the most convenient departure time. A demand for this route increases from year to year. Over thirteen years of cooperation between British Airways and Moscow Domodedovo Airport more than 3.3 mln travelers used the joint service offered by the carrier and the air hub.

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